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A.S.A.P. Construction, LLC is quite simply my “Go To” contractor in my home.  For years, “Handyman Jack” Koehler and his son Chris have been doing the things I can’t or trust myself to do at our Ocean Lakes, Virginia Beach home, and I have yet to find anything that they can’t do!  I’ve called them in for everything from siding and roof repair to extensive maintenance and electrical upgrades in our home.  And, I’m proud to say that I’ve also been able to rely on Jack to fix the things that other contractors were supposed to have done right the first time!  I’ve never hesitated to recommend Jack and Chris to my friends when they need anything fixed or serviced, because they are quite simply…THE BEST.  Trust them today and enjoy a job well done!!!

Our Go To Handman

Handymen Services Performed: Yes
Work Completed Date:
August 18, 2011
Last Modified Date:
August 29, 2011
Hire Again: Yes
Approximate Cost: $150.00
Description Of Work:
We used ASAP Constriction for handymen services. We used their services last week. They do everything, from repairs to actual construction. They built a shed for us.

Member Comments:
I probably call them for something once every two months for handymen kind of stuff or just miscellaneous kind of things. We will use their services again in the future.
Mr. Copeland

Rotted French Patio Doors

Categories: Carpentry – Woodworking Doors
Handymen Services Performed: Yes
* More Weight is given to a report where work has been completed.

Work Completed Date: September 09, 2011
Hire Again: Yes
Approximate Cost: $750.00
Description Of Work:
After the hurricane we discovered the floor under our patio french doors had significant wood rot. ASAP responded quickly, removed and replaced the rotted wood not just in the floor but under the threshold of the french doors. Additionally they replaced the padding and re-stretched the carpet. Their prices were fair and the work quality was excellent. Good housekeeping and everything was performed as advertised. There were no cascading problems or price increases as the job progressed. We are well satisfied. Don’t let their website’s spelling fool you into thinking the work is below excellent. Whoever does it just can’t spell.

Member Comments:
Very pleased. Job details are as above.
Overall     A
Price     A
Quality     A
Responsiveness     A
Punctuality     B
Professionalism     A
Additional Questions Answered when completing this report

How much did the final cost compare to the original estimate? right on

How does the value of the work compare to the price? I got exactly what I paid for

How far in advance did you schedule the work? within a week

Did you find the company through Angie’s List? no

If no, what was the other source? referral

Why did you choose this contractor? reputation

Have you used this company before? this is the first time I’ve used this company

What did you like most about this contractor? Honesty and quality of work.

What did you like least about this contractor? No negatives.

What surprises came up during the course of the work? None.

What words of advice would you give other members considering this contractor? I would trust them to take the correct approach to the job and to complete it competently.

What words of advice would you give this contractor? Spell check your website.

Mrs. Smith
Chesapeake, VA 23322

Referrals For Floor Repair

A.S.A.P. Construction
Dear Friend, Robin And myself have been very impressed with your work on the house. She thought the house looked very nice, and was pleased with your work. I must say it is a very good job and I would recommend you to anyone who wants house repair.

Inclosed is a check for the invoice, and a question to you. Would you submit a estimate on doing the labor to lay down a kitchen floor, that is app.178 ft. squared. I have the flooring ready for installation but I do not have the time to do the work.

Please consider my proposal and let me know If you can help me out

Mr. Sherry

Fence Repair

The fence in my backyard blew over during a recent windstorm.  New to the area with my husband underway, it is easy to feel frustrated and overwhelmed when these things occur.

I researched local “handyman type” contractors.  After reading reviews and checking for BBB certification I chose ASAP CONSTRUCTION.  I’m very glad I did.  Not only was I pleased with their price and promptness, but I felt very comfortable with them in and around my home which goes a long way!  We intend to use ASAP Construction for future projects.

Thank you!
Mrs. Rall

Window Replacement

Description Of Work:
They replaced 12 windows in my home for me.

They were excellent and they put the windows in around my schedule, which impressed me. They were very cooperative and accommodating. They did a beautiful job on the windows and they were clean as a whistle. They had perfect customer relations. The window fit and looked like they belong in the home. They gave us a fair price, but I couldn’t recall the exact amount.

Woodworking and Door Replacement

Carpentry – Woodworking
Hire Again:    Yes
Approximate Cost:    $200.00

Description Of Work:
They installed an outside steel door for our home and also replaced the wood trim around the door frame.

They really can do just about anything as far as repairs. I like that when we have questions, they don’t make us feel uncomfortable or stupid. Their prices are honest and fair; they don’t just try to take your money and run.