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Is your Fireplace & Furnace Ready?

Have your fireplace cleaned and checked out by a professional every year prior to using it for the first time,  it could save your home.   We have the a chimney cleaner we use on our website under other contractors.

Have your furnace cleaned and checked out to make sure it is working properly and efficiently  now before it gets cold out and you end up without heat. If you have a fired furnace or gas water heater you should have a carbon monoxide detector installed. If your unit is not working properly it can be releasing deadly gasses.

Save Money with a Time of Use Program

Another thing you can do if your power bill is extraordinarily high ($200-$300 +). You can get with the Power Company and at no charge to you have them put you on the “time of use” program. I’m on the schedule 1S: that’s the best.

Read up on it but if you switch you need to stay on it for one year. You could save a 3rd or a half on your bill. If you want to or if you don’t play by the rules it could double your bill. You don’t need a company to come out and install a computer on your power panel for about $3-$4k. Just follow my rules.

You will do everything on an on-peak/off-peak schedule (as per the Power Company). During on-peak try not to use any power.

  1. Don’t use the stove if possible- use the grill.
  2.  Put a timer on your water heater (it will stay hot for a day unless you cheat and use the dish washer or washer on peak time).
  3.  Don’t use your dryer on peak.
  4.  Put the pool and hot tub on a timer.
  5.  Get a programmable thermostat (but don’t make it change more than 4 degrees on the peak time if possible. Because it will take too long to recover. Example if you made it 10 degrees higher on peak time on a hot day. In the summer off peak time starts at 10pm. Your a/c unit will be working all night to catch up and you will be uncomfortable. At 4 degrees by 11pm you could have it go down to 65 degrees and blow smoke and not cost anything.


Windows Matter

There are a lot of things that you can do in your home to save power (ENERGY). Your windows are the biggest place where energy gets wasted, so you have so you need to work on them first.

  1. You can put a plastic film on them (just like some people do with cars) and block the heat and sunlight. But read the package to be sore it is safe for double pane windows (if that’s what you have).
  2. You can install darkening shades.
  3. Curtains

We can put new screens on your windows that block the sun’s rays and save you money and your furniture. They’re called Sun shades or solar shades.

What’s the Right AC Filter to Use?

CAUTION ! Do not use the small 1″ thick pleated filters in your system.  They do not allow much air flow.

You want to have as much air flow as possible.  Use the 4″ thick pleated or an Electronic filter is the best or even the old green or blue mesh ones.  For more information contact your A/C company or Mechanical Services Co @ 427-0016 or Kilber Refridgeration @ 685-4751.

If your are looking for the 1″ thick mesh type you will need to go to a air filter store, not home depot ( if they have any they are the cheep junk thin as a nickle ).

Extend Your AC

Loose AC but your unit is still running? It could be that your unit is low on freon. Turn your AC unit off at the thermostat and turn the fan to *on* (this will melt the ice temporarily).

Let it run until the evening then turn AC back to *on*. You may at least have AC long enough to get a good night’s sleep if you can’t get someone out there to fix it that same day. Don’t forget to go back to just the fan in the morning because the ice needs to be gone to be repaired.

Recharge Your Dishwasher

If your dishwasher isn’t cleaning as well as it used to there is a product called Dishwasher Magic and can be purchased at Home Depot. Follow the directions on the container and remember to start rinsing your dishes prior to placing them in the dishwasher.