Roof Repair and Replacement

ASAP Construction, LLC is a name of trust and quality in Roof Repair and Replacement services in Virginia Beach and Chesapeake VA.

We are proud to own a BBB accredited business for more than a decade. Some of the qualities, which stand us apart from our competitors, are; state of the art installation, flawless repair, reasonable rates and efficient workers.

ASAP is the custodian of highest standards in roof repair and replacement throughout Chesapeake and Virginia Beach areas. The reason, we are leading the way in the local markets, is that we seek customers’ satisfaction with all work.

Keep the exterior beauty of your roof intact

Do you want people to enjoy the same captivating image of your beautiful residence as it was before? Have you experienced how ugly a house looks with a broken roof? Consider such issues right now and call us for an instant roof repair service nearest to your home in Chesapeake VA. We assure our tireless and effective services. You will be surprised with the availability of highest quality standards in market competitive rates. Beautifying a home roof is no more an expensive deal. If you need to ask a free quote for our exemplary services, you can call us at 757-432-1800. We are active 24/7.

Roof Repairs or Replacing Services

ASAP has been repairing roof leaks for over 20 years. With that much experience at hand, you can place your worries aside when you call us.

Damaged pipe collars are 50% of the leaks we find. A pipe collar is a rubber ring around the white PVC pipes that come out of your roof. The rubber only lasts about 8 years before it starts to deteriorate. We can replace this collar and or install a permanent plastic cover over it(Perma-Boot).

We also repair/replace damaged shingles. We can normally find a decent match if you don’t have any on hand. Shingles fade in the sun and the new ones may be a little darker. Asphalt shingles never last as long as the manufacturer advertises. A 30 year shingle may last 25 years if you are lucky. We can also replace all the shingles on your roof. We highly recommend using architectural shingles instead of 3 tab shingles. Architectural shingles stand up to high winds better and are roughly twice as thick. They also look much nicer!

ASAP can install/replace attic fans on your roof. Unlike a lot of roofers, we can run the wiring as well. We always recommend using a fan that moves the least amount of CFM’s. An attic fan can suck the air out of your home if there’s not enough ventilation from the eves. The fan has a thermostat, normally set to 110 degrees, which will run until it’s below the set temperature. We can install more vents on the underside of your eves and on the peak of the roof to allow the attic to ventilate naturally using convection.

We can take care of any flashing issue, which may be causing leaks. Whether it is step flashing moved out of place or flashing around a chimney that needs to be re-caulked.

Your roof is probably the most important part of you home, so don’t wait to call us if you see damage on your roof or water stains on your ceilings.

Roof Repairs Services

The common flaws faced in roof repair Virginia Beach are the damaged slates or tiles of the roof. The tiles depreciate with the atmospheric effects like rains, sun-shine and wind. Broken or damaged tiles can be repaired while the missing gaps can be filled with the same tiles and slates. ASAP Construction LLC gives you the roof repair that the missing gaps does not seems repaired. The roof repair is a complete solution of your deteriorated roofs. The ASAP Construction LLC has a whole repairing cycle that properly evaluates the damaged roof and then sort out a plan for roof repair.